Urinary Issues – Leakage

Do you experience?

  1. Urine leak (while coughing, jumping, laughing, lifting, bending, exercising, during any activity)
  2. Difficulty to hold urine after desire,
  3. Diffuculty to hold for a long time
  4. Sudden urine leak
  5. Bed wetting (children)
  6. Need to wake up multiple times a night to pass urine
  7. Urine leak during sex
  8. Difficulty in emptying bladder,
    • Too Frequent urination,
    • Urge to go again after voiding
  9. Difficulty to start the flow of urine,
    • Need to forcefully push the urine out,
    • Feels like passing urine through a heavy object,
    • Slow stream or narrow stream of urine
  10. Feeling heavy – fullness in private area
  11. Pain, Burning, or Difficulty while passing urine
  12. Infection like sensation in private area
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