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enables us to serve you,
no matter which corner
of the world you live.

Virtual Consultation

We are committed to add value in your life. After thorough virtual consultation, our Super-Specialist doctor will help to suggest you highly effective but simple plan of care that you may implement on your own at the privacy of your home. Our Super-Specialist doctor will also help you with dos, don’t and many other things.

There is no extra fees for plan of care customized exclusively for you. All of this is included in virtual consultation plan. The charges for virtual consultation covers upto 30 minutes of time with our super specialist doctor. Our Super-Specialist doctor will also suggest about physical consultation in your city if you need one.

Let’s see how your virtual consultation looks like

  • You will get the link for the online consultation on your email or WhatsApp once you have booked the consultation.
  • You will also get a basic questionnaire which you should fill and submit before the virtual consultation.
  • Please join the link 5 mins before the scheduled time.
  • Our Super-Specialist doctor will take your medical history and understand your problem.
  • Our Super-Specialist doctor might also ask you to perform some quick tests on yourself.
  • According to your complaints our Super-Specialist doctor will provide you with simple but effective plan of care.
  • If needed, you may connect with us again for the follow up.

Virtual Consultation & Plan of Care

If you wish to avail our services from any other country, virtually, you can opt for 30 mins of Virtual Consultation. The virtual consultation with our Super-Specialist will be targeted to provide you the best possible plan of care for your condition. You can easily and comfortably enjoy the virtual consultation with Super-Specialist at the privacy of your home.

Book a consultation with our Super-Specialist Doctors today.