Dr. Het Desai



11 Intellectual Properties (medical) of Dr. Het Desai are already being practiced by different doctors in more than 16 countries across the world

One of the Intellectual properties (medical), ‘Het’s MMT’ is cherished as “India’s Pride” as it overcomes the limitation of Oxford MMT.

• 1st Serial Innovator: Private health related brands-multiple government recognised DIPP

• No.1 Amazon best-selling Author – Urology

• Amazon best-selling Author – Physical Therapy, Obstetrics & Gynecology

• Because of these amazing contributions, Dr. Het Desai is popularly known as “Father of Modern Pelvic Floor Rehab” across the world


Vision Statement

To become, “Worldwide Leading Provider” of “Super-Specialist Brands”, through disruptive innovations in healthcare & wellness industry.

Mission Statement

At Purpozo, We are committed to a ‘single purpose’. “To provide ‘Super-Specialist Brands’ through disruptive innovations”.  Our brands are well-differentiated, distinctive and value for money to make our consumers’ lives a little easier, elite and enjoyable. Happy consumers, great sales, profits and reputation empower us to innovate further and serve humanity differently.  


What Makes "PURPOZO" Different?

“Purpozo brands” are NOT regular hospitals, clinics, pharma or common healthcare products. We don’t provide ‘me too’ types products or services. Instead, each of our brand is unique as its designed through disruptive innovation in healthcare & wellness industry. We also don’t provide ‘generalist brand’, where one brand claims to be everything for everybody. Instead, Each of our brand is ‘Super-Specialist Brand’ designed for specific group of people.We operate through scientific & consumer centric disruptive innovations.