Partners and Investors



  • “Purpozo brands” is open to initiate partnership in different forms to meet demand of the day across the business.
  • We are open to explore new ideas and collaborations, to continue to expand worldwide for patented innovative products, technologies, in-store, medical centres, ecommerce, the supply chain, distributors, marketing agencies etc.
  • This opportunity of association is open to everyone even if you are an individual inventor, medical (health) product companies, a small business, or a giant.
  • Purpozo brands is also open to explore possibilities to associate with innovators & patent-holders to create win-win situation for all involved.
  • At Purpozo, our team is globally dedicated to explore possibilities to partner with patented innovations.
  • We look forward to explore revolutionary and breakthrough innovations through the company.
  • We are also willing to explore patented innovation and partnership solutions to improve lives of our consumers.


  • You should have scientific and innovative technology, unique super-speciality based product, which is ready to go to market and serious /large commercial opportunities.

  • Your innovation should be able to take care of unmet need for customers of Purpozo brands.

  • Your innovation should be able to offer market viability for more affordable, user friendly and superior solution for products which are currently being used by consumers.
  • Your innovation should be able to provide our consumers significantly stronger value addition for their special needs, wants or problems.

  • Your innovation must be protectable intellectual property through granted patent, published patent application, etc.


Please do NOT submit Innovations, ideas, suggestions, thoughts or documents…
  • With Confidential information.
  • Which do not include protectable intellectual property.
  • The innovations you do not own as intellectual property.
  • The innovations which do not have the legal right to represent
  • Innovations which are confidential and you are unable to provide information.
  • Advise, comments or suggestions about existing brands Or Ideas related to marketing, branding or advertising such as a slogan, poem, song or script for promotion. You may submit it as a feedback. But not as an association or partnership.
  • Any other ideas, thoughts, suggestions, advice, intelligence that you cannot keep it open for general public, please do not send.


If you are a doctor, therapist, medical-paramedical professional, marketing person, social media influencer, in medical (health) product business, individual or a company who wants to be potential supplier, distributor or associate of Purpozo brands, you can send your non-confidential proposal in detail. Our team at Purpozo brands will take it into consideration.


  • You can contact us with your details and detailed proposal if you are an investor who shares our vision, mission and values.
  • Please note, currently we are not open to investment funds. We will update this section of website when we are open to investment funds.