Who we are

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Super-Specialist brands
for Specific Purpose

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Making your life

a little easy, elite & enjoyable

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Dr Het Desai



World’s 1st Serial Innovator (related to pelvic floor) with multiple Central Government of India recognised Innovations with Legitimate DIPP number.
Popularly known as

Mission Statement

(Who we are? What we do & How we do it?)

We are group of “Super- Specialist brands” for “Specific Purpose”.

We operate through scientific & consumer-centric innovations to make their lives little easy, elite and enjoyable.



Vision Statement

To be worldwide, LEADING GROUP of ‘Super-Specialist brands’ for ‘Specific Purpose’.

Our Philosophy

We make our consumers lives little easier, elite and enjoyable while saving their time and money. That’s why our consumers love our brands.

Happy consumers continue to flourish our business with great reputation, sales and profits.

It adds value to us, our team, associates & investors - shareholders to empower us to ‘Invent further’.


Our Core Beliefs

If someone needs an ‘open-heart surgery’ whom she should go to?
Do you think a very successful spine surgeon can operate on heart?
Do you think a very successful heart surgeon can operate on spine?
Do you think a general physician can operate on heart or spine?
A patient needs to go to heart surgeon for heart surgery & spine surgeon for spine surgery.
Similarly, at our core, we believe that one brand cannot be everything for everyone. There should be ‘Super-Specialist brands’ for ‘specific purpose’.

There should be ‘Super-Specialist brands’ for ‘specific purpose’.
With that Vision, Purpozo (ur super-specialist) brands is created as a group of Super-Specialist brands designed for specific purpose (to take care of needs, wants or problems of our consumers)

Doctor’s Team