Urinary Issues – Leakage

Do you experience?

  1. Urine leak (while coughing, jumping, laughing, lifting, bending, exercising, during any activity)
  2. Difficulty to hold urine after urge,
  3. Difficulty to hold for a long time
  4. Sudden urine leak
  5. Bed wetting (children)
  6. Need to wake up multiple times a night to pass urine
  7. Urine leakage during sexual intercourse
  8. Difficulty emptying bladder,
  9. Too Frequent urination,
  10. Urge to go again after voiding
  11. Difficulty to start the flow of urine,
  12. Need to forcefully push the urine out,
  13. Feels like passing urine through a heavy object,
  14. Slow stream or narrow stream of urine
  15. Feeling heavy – fullness in private area
  16. Pain, Burning, or Difficulty while passing urine
  17. Infection like sensation in private area
  18. Urinary Issues after Female Genital Mutilation
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