Sex Health Issues

Do you experience?

  1. Sex health counseling
  2. First time anxiety & concern
  3. Pain – discomfort during sex (dyspareunia)
  4. Can’t have sexual penetration (vaginismus)
  5. Sexual withdrawal (sexual aversion)
  6. Low sexual desire (hsdd – hypoactive sexual desire disorder)
  7. Low sexual sensation
  8. Feeling looseness in vagina (vaginal laxity) / too loose or broad vagina
  9. Dryness in vagina – lack of vaginal lubrication
  10. Pain – burning at vagina (even while not having sex) (vulvodynia, etc.)
  11. Less intense orgasm
  12. Difficulty reaching orgasm/climax or delayed orgasm
  13. Loss grip of vagina over penis during intercourse
  14. Decreased satisfaction for both partners
  15. Reduced sexual pleasure or no sexual pleasure
  16. Sexual issues after female genital mutilation
  17. Sexual issues after gender affirmation surgery
  18. Other issues with desire, arousal, orgasm and overall sex health
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