Mom’s Private Health Issues

Do you experience?

  1. Painful C- Section scar
  2. Pain at Vaginal area due to cut or incision in private parts
  3. Urinary Issues like urine leakage, painful urination etc.
  4. Stool – Fecal Issues like constipation, stool leakage etc.
  5. Broadness – wideness – looseness of vagina
  6. Sexual Health Issues
  7. Breast Feeding issues like – Inverted Nipples, Flat Nipples, Sore & Bleeding Nipples, Mastitis, Engorgement, Plugged Duct, Leaky Breasts.
  8. Breast Sagging
  9. Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

We can help with: Natural vaginal healing, toning and tightening – complete natural vaginal rejuvenation for any mother of any age.
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