1. Vonfidans A Device For Vagina Tightness Vonfidans – world’s first Super-Specialist device to instantly check & improve vaginal tightness by strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal tightness wala confidence. For, Happier Moments.
  2. Vaginal Weight bag
    Bag designed for vaginal weight training. It attaches with Vonfidans for advance level of vaginal tightness
  3. Six Vaginal Weights
    Six vaginal weights, designed to be placed in Vonfidans and the weight bag, to strengthen pelvic floor muscles for progressive vaginal tightening.
  4. Mom’s- VRej Plan, Designed By Super-Specialist Doctors
    Natural Vaginal Rejuvenation Plan for moms. 3 phases of scientific plan. (Phase 1 – Post-natal recovery phase: vaginal recovery after child birth upto 8 wks, Phase 2 –Build up phase:  instant checking of vaginal tightness  and achieving optimal level of vaginal tightness, Phase -3 Maintenance phase: to maintain healthy vaginal tightness for life-time.
  5. Mom’s – VRej Progress Log
    Systematically designed progress log to track your progress precisely.
  6. CPPL4 Designed By Super-Specialist Doctors
    4 levels workout plan. For fat loss, fitness & to tone targeted body parts, exclusively designed for moms.
  7. CPPL4 Progress Log
    Systematically designed progress log for goal oriented results.
  8. Gift Voucher
    50% off on virtual consultation and plan of care with Super-Specialist Doctors